BRUCE BOLT Graduated Compression Premium Arm Sleeve - WHITE / ADULT


Introducing our NEW “medical grade” graduated compression Premium Arm Sleeves designed to increase blood flow and decrease muscle vibration during the throwing motion to keep the player’s arm feeling “live” throughout the game.

THROW HARDER, LONGER: Graduated compression sleeves increase blood flow to the arm by dilating the player’s arteries by 40% and by compressing the veins.  Increased blood flow means more oxygen which helps the player’s arm feel rested and “live” throughout the game.

KEEP YOUR ARM COOL: In addition to keeping your arm feeling “live”, increased blood flow actually makes keeps you feeling cool and fresh while you play.

REDUCE INJURIES: Our graduated compression arm sleeves also reduce muscle and tendon vibration during the throwing motion, essentially keeping everything in place, which over time helps reduce the potential for injuries.

FASTER RECOVERY: Graduated compression sleeves and leggings are used throughout sports to help with recovery after games and practices by removing lactic acid and increasing blood flow and oxygen delivery.  As great as are arm sleeves are for playing, they are just as good for post-game recovery. Simply wear the sleeve for an hour after playing and feel the difference.


SMALL/MEDIUM for players 5'2 to 5'9

LARGE/XLARGE for players 5'10 to 6'5



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