Everyone in baseball knows the saying, "If you can hit, you will not sit!"
In order to help BRUCE BOLT player BE BETTER at the plate we've enlisted the help of Dr. Jordan Pellien, former catcher for the University of Texas baseball team and Clinic Director of Wellsport Chiropractic to show us 5 exercises any player can do generate more power at the plate.
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The goal is to build up durability and strength to have both a safe and strong body"system". In the growing phases for a young athlete, protecting their body while getting stronger  is incredibly important. 

This set of exercises are great for both activation and strength of the rotational muscles of the spine and core. Baseball and softball players use these muscles with every action, both throwing and hitting are all about rotational strength and control. 

The goal of these exercises is to maintain control over the band and add enough difficulty that you are working hard but the band isn’t “beating” you. 

So here are 5 exercises you can do to improve your "Power at the Plate"


1. Split Stance Paloff Press:

  • 10 reps with one leg back, 10 with opposite leg back, switch sides, then repeat.
  • Cues: Don't let the band beat you! 

2. Paloff Press Lift:
  • 10 Reps Per side
  • Cues: Keep band in the middle of the body, lift arms up over the head, trying hard to keep band in the middle of the body- 10 reps per side

3. Low to High Split Stance Lift:
  • 10 reps facing one direction, 10 reps facing the other
  • Cues: This is should be hard! Keep the core and spine nice and stable! 

4. Standing T Spine Rotation

  • 10 reps per side, switch feet and repeat.
  • Cues: Keep shoulder blades nice and engaged, deep lunge stance- try to keep band tight and rotate in both direction. 

5. Side plank row-

  • 10 Rows per arm, switch arms
  • Cues: Keep the hips level with ground.


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  • Nate said:

    What brand of band is this? Anyone have a link? Great video – thanks!

    July 07, 2022

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