High School players who can run a sub 7 second 60 yard dash, immediately increase their stock with college coaches. Just like with strength training, speed training is a process that has a lot to do with proper form which can be taught and improved with proper instruction. They may say, "You can't teach speed", but you can teach form and technique, which may not make you a world class sprinter, but it will certainly improve your 60 time.

BRUCE BOLT is always trying to help the players who wear our gear BE BETTER,   so we reached out to CJ Wellington, MS, Head Coach at Tactic Performance based in Los Angeles, CA to learn how he trains his high school, college and pro players to improve their times.  

Here's what CJ shared with us.....(read below and then watch the VIDEO)

 This is how I teach athletes at all levels to get out to sprint out of a lateral start and if you watch closely how the best base stealers in the MLB get out you'll see many similarities. 

First things first, we want to get out faster - with more power! 
  1. A wide but comfortable stance with the right foot slightly behind the left (this will help the hips open up quicker). 
  2. Push through the left foot and rip the right elbow back.
  3. A quick lift and drop of the right foot to continue driving out of the start (drop step to set a better angle to push with more powerWhen looking at the start of the 60-yard dash in baseball we are setting up in a lateral start sprint like running from first base to second.
  • The athlete's height will determine how wide their stance should be, but in general, a comfortable stance slightly wider than shoulder-width works.
  • From here we want to pre-open up our front hip by moving our right foot back about 6 inches.
  • We are running to our right and need to open up our hips to get there, so giving yourself this advantage in the setup will cut time on the sprint down. 
So now we are ready to go.
  1. Just like before a heavy deadlift you will take a breath in and hold a tight core to brace.
  2. Then drive off of your left foot as hard as you can while ripping your right elbow back to turn your shoulders square to the finish line.
  3. If you're talking a look at the video and have it paused at this point you should see a straight line from the back (left) foot through the hips and to the shoulders. This would show that the athlete achieved full extension.
  4. From here to get the most out of the start your right foot should lift (2-3") and open up, then drop with power into the ground.
  5. If the video was paused you should see the front and back shin angles parallel to one another.
  6. Now drive the front foot into the ground to propel yourself fully out of the start.

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