As you may know, everything I design here at BRUCE BOLT is built because as a baseball player, I know what I like. I’ve always prided myself on growing a decent helmet, but I always hated sweat and my long hair getting in my eyes, so when I had the chance, I designed a 4-way stretch, moisture wicking headband that fits perfectly under your game cap.

 But this post isn't about that, it's about an ongoing argument I have with my dad over who has better flow - Baseball or Hockey Players?

My dad, who used to lace them up, says that it's hockey players. His trump card is the annual Minnesota High School State Hockey Championships where every year there is an entire video dedicated to the “All Hockey Hair Team” for players with most luscious locks and fantastic flow. It’s definitely worth a watch.

Now I’ll admit hockey players do have good flow, but my argument back is that baseball players are wearing it long at the highest levels of the game and frankly nothing looks better than a little lettuce coming out of the back of a ball cap.

I mean we’ve got guys like our own Harrison Bader, who has the most EPIC baseball flow I’ve seen in person, and he is joined by other All-Stars like Tatis Jr., Matt Strahm, Noah Syndergaard, DeGrom, Dustin May and Freddy Galvis just to name a few.

I mean c’mon….I think it’s safe to say we’ve got those Puckheads beat!  I'd love to hear what you guys have to say in the comments.

And if you do have a healthy salad up top, here's a plug for our AWESOME HEADBANDS.  We have 10 new colors and it’s perfect for any player who is rocking the dew. "BOLT UP" and show my dad why baseball players do it better!

They are pretty awesome. Here’s what other player’s with epic flow had to say:

5-Star Review Headband 1

5-Star Review Headband 1

5-Star Review Headband 3

5-Star Review Headband 4


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