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Find out why Tanner Carson, Instagram's @raised_in_baseball, loves BRUCE BOLT batting gloves and rocks 'em at the plate.
"Three reasons why I love Bruce Bolt batting gloves. The first is comfort. I've used tons of different types and brands of batting gloves throughout my years playing baseball, and I can by far say that BRUCE BOLT has the most comfortable batting gloves. The use of cabretta leather is really, really soft.

It feels amazing on my hands, and they have articulation in the knuckles, which makes it feel like your hands aren't being forced open and they actually have room to move while you're holding your bat.

The second is durability. BRUCE BOLT gloves have by far outlasted and outplayed any other batting glove that I've used.

We're not talking like a little bit, we're not talking weeks. We're talking months. I've had gloves last me seasons, in fact, so that's really nice having a glove that you know you can count on that you're not gonna go to a game that's gonna rip. They do a really nice job with these palm pads. They really do a nice job holding the glove together.

I've been using these for the last few months and they've really held up well.

Third is style. BRUCE BOLT does an amazing job having tons of different options that can fit your personal style. These are just a couple of the different styles you can choose from, and this is the military series. They got the OD green and desert sand combo.

Ian Happ does an amazing job with his gloves. These are some baby blue with some red and white accents. These are my personal favorite: the TC42s. I love the black because it doesn't get dirty. Some really nice red accents in there. And then the chrome. They have a ton of different colors available to match whatever your team wears or whatever you want."

Shop Tanner's own Signature Series gloves, the TC42's, and gear up for baseball season.

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    Can your products be purchased in Japan?

    March 11, 2023

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