We are so excited to bring our BRUCE BOLT family the next edition of our "Meet the Pros" Series. 

Harrison Bader has been an integral member of our team since coming on board last season and the inspiration of our best selling BADER BLUE Signature Series BGs. 

Today we are so excited to bring this interview in conjunction with our brand new Signature Series BGs, the BADER PINKS. 

Learn about the design process of these gloves as well as Bader's nutrition and training regimen, his come up through the sport and so much more. 


  • Rico said:

    Go to the good foot store on olive and 270 with in two weeks you will run like the wind again. I played soccer my whole life got planters faccittis thought never run again got supports from good foot store was running with in a week

    August 19, 2022

  • Jason Atkins said:

    Bader was a different cut in Omaha at college World Series my boy was 12 now plays college ball! Thank you sir for your character and work ethic! Jason

    May 19, 2022

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