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"A lot of guys playing baseball, they end up getting burned out. And that was actually something that happened to me in my early childhood — I got burned out from playing so much baseball.
So I took a step away from the game. Just played football. I started picking up lacrosse. I found something else to play. And then all of a sudden, I actually went to a Cubs game with when my brother and sister who were in college and it just sparked that want to play baseball again.
And ever since, l’ve never taken it for granted. Going to the cage and hitting and doing all the little things that matter — now I love doing that part of it. Whereas before my mom and dad were like, ‘Hey, we gotta go to this practice, or we gotta do that.’
Now it's like, I can't wait to get in the car and get there and, and do the stuff that I gotta do."
- Kevin Parada, MiLB Catcher

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