Most of our customers know that BRUCE BOLT was started 4 years ago by Bear who was 16 and needed gas money for the '93 Landcruiser he'd just purchased. 

Read "A Bolt of an Idea" by Joe Favorito 

What a lot of customers don't know is that for about the first year and half, Bear was only selling 1 to 2 pairs of gloves a day - if that.  He used to wake up early, pack up the orders, answer emails, post to Instagram and then head off to school, then baseball, homework and bed.  Then he'd wake up early and do it all over again. It was a grind, but the whole time Bear was always trying to figure out how he could make his little company "BE BETTER". 

Bear had big dreams, but he didn't exactly know how he was going to achieve them. He just knew that if he kept working hard and looking for opportunities eventually he would figure things out.  But that's not exactly how it happened; instead, opportunity found him when Bear was contacted by Whistle Media, a production company out of NYC that produces "No Days Off", "My Hustle" and even "Dude Perfect", which wanted to shoot a video about Bear and BRUCE BOLT.  Of course Bear said, "Yes." But what he didn't know was that his entire life was about to change and everything he had hoped and dreamed of was about to come true.  On February 6, 2020 the video (below) that was shot back in October of 2019 dropped, and when Bear woke up the next morning he had over 100 orders to fulfill and it's never slowed down since.

Fast forward to 2022 and it seems like players from coast to coast are wearing BRUCE BOLT batting gloves in Select, High School, College and even the Pros.  Bear has been interviewed by local media in 5 cities this year as he tours to work with our MLB players to give "Starter" gloves to "Boys & Girls" clubs in their respective cities.  

Recently Bear was interviewed by Joe Favorito who contacted Bear after hearing the BRUCE BOLT story while listening to Howie Rose and Jeff Randazzo call a Mets Marlins game. Think about what we just wrote and then remember just 2 years ago Bear was only selling 1 to 2 pairs of gloves a day - it's crazy! 

Anyway, we wanted to share the article that Joe wrote because it really captured how much BRUCE BOLT and Bear have both grown and gives a glimpse into where Bear wants to take the company in the future.


And thanks again to all of our customers. We consider you family and know none of this is possible without all of you!



  • Chip Brennan said:

    Watching the Mets/Phils game on Sunday and the announcers Tom McCarthy and Ben Davis (former player) were discussing your gloves after Ben commented on the number of Mets wearing your gloves!

    August 19, 2022

  • Amanda Davis said:

    We just ordered our first pair
    Of signature gloves! Can’t wait

    August 19, 2022

  • Bernice Fisher said:

    How wonderful ❤️ Since I remember when you were born !! congratulations and I wish you much success .

    August 19, 2022

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