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"When the world shut down, I was eight games into my senior year of baseball. I feel like I kind of gave my life to the sport. Everything I had worked for kind of got stripped away from me. I was sitting in my English class and my phone started to blow up with orders. BRUCE BOLT had just started to gain a little bit of traction and it, it really helped with taking my mind off of what was happening with high school baseball.

Baseball's the only sport where you can fail seven out of 10 times and still see success—you're considered a hall of famer. So it really comes down to how hard are you gonna work for what you want. And I want BRUCE BOLT more than anything.
So, you know, even with the success and the failure that comes with it, I'm never gonna get too high on myself. Never gonna get too low. I'm just gonna keep pushing for what I want and keep pushing for what I can put out to the baseball world. It means a lot for me to get to collaborate with these guys, Harrison, Brandon, Ian. Getting to design gloves with them, put colorways together and then see them wear it on TV is absolutely amazing. And I, I honestly wouldn't trade it for the world every day.

We want to continue to make the most premium products in the game, giving back to the baseball community that I love and appreciate so much.
I'm Bear Mayer, CEO and founder of Bruce Bolt."


  • Joette Fleming said:

    Best attitude I’ve heard in a long time – all the best to you for continued success!

    May 18, 2023

  • Mannng colley said:

    Thank you keep working hard.

    May 18, 2023

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