Dear BRUCE BOLT community,

Today, I'm humbled to I share some incredible news with you.

The Baseball Hall of Fame has requested to feature Ian Happ's BRUCE BOLT batting gloves in Cooperstown, the same pair he wore during a historic game against the St. Louis Cardinals in London, England this past weekend. Because of Ian's amazing performance on a global stage (two home runs against the Cubs' biggest rivals) our gloves are going into the Hall of Fame!

As the founder of BRUCE BOLT, I'm blown away how something that started in our family's living room is now becoming a part of baseball history. To have our product serve as a tangible reminder of Ian Happ's remarkable performance is an indescribable honor.

Our journey began with a vision to create batting gloves that not only deliver better performance, but also embody the spirit of the game. We sought to craft gloves that inspire confidence, empower athletes, and enhance their connection with the sport they love. With this philosophy in mind, we've poured our hearts into every stitch, every detail, and every design.

That's what athletes deserve.

Congratulations to Ian, from the whole BRUCE BOLT team.

Two home runs in a single game off of Adam Wainwright, a future hall of famer, and all while playing in the heart of London against the Cards — his performance brought joy to fans on both sides of the Atlantic. His feature in Cooperstown is well-deserved, and we hope it's just the first of more to come!

Here's to more history being made.


Bear Mayer
Founder & CEO


  • Sean Welch said:

    Wow this is so incredible
    Congrats to Ian and the whole BRUCE BOLT team

    July 05, 2023

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