When we started BRUCE BOLT our goal was to make the highest quality baseball equipment in the world, AND we also wanted to give back to the game we love so much. 

So as part of that mission, we created the "get a pair, give a pair" program where we donate a portion of every sale towards a pair of BRUCE BOLT “starter” gloves for players in youth organizations associated with the Pro Players that wear our gloves.

After a bit of a rough start because of COVID, we are excited to announce that Bear and the BRUCE BOLT team have been traveling throughout the summer to deliver on our promise!

So far, we've visited Houston, Cleveland and New York.  As we speak Bear and Cannata (one of his best friends and BRUCE BOLT employee) just landed in Chicago and will be traveling back to Austin then St. Louis and finally Tampa, FL.

We can't thank our AMAZING players: Aledmys Diaz (HOU), Tyler Naquin (CIN), Brandon Nimmo, (METS) Jeff McNeil (METS), Ian Happ (CUBS), Harrison Bader (STL) and Brett Phillips (TB) who all took time out of their crazy schedules to help us plan the events with their respective organizations and attend the events where we put smiles on the faces of a lot of aspiring ball players!

Here are the results so far...!

Aledmys Diaz and the Houston Astros

Bear with Houston Astros

Bear started his journey with the Houston Astros to meet up with Aledmys Diaz, just a few short hours from our company headquarters in Austin, Texas.

Bear & AD handed out over 200 pairs of Orange BGs to kids who were jazzed to here they were going to get pair and excited by Bear's company's success at young at not far from where they are. Signatures were a hit! :) 

Tyler Naquin and The Cincinnati Reds

Then Bear left Texas for Ohio to meet up with Tyler Naquin at the Reds Youth Foundation. The guys gave out 200+ high quality BRUCE BOLT BGs to kids competing that day.

Bear at the Reds Foundation

Bear had the chance to be interviewed by a few local news stations about this experience that was so special to him:

"It means so much to be out here with Tyler. From the start, I wanted to be able to give back to my community and those around me. Started small in Austin, Texas and it's grown as I've made more connections within the league and its players, who luckily have the same mindset. With the help of the Reds organization and Naquin, I'm able to be able to come out and do just that. It's such a humbling experience."

Naquin felt much of the same:  "It means a lot to me too, because I was never a part of something like this, but it seems pretty cool and there's a couple kids that, it makes them want to play harder and work harder in whatever they do," It's fun to come out and see smiles on their faces and watch them play ball."

Brandon Nimmo and The Mets

Bear and his best friend Cannata packed up the next weekend to visit the Mets and Brandon Nimmo.

They head out to the sandlot game in Queens that Brandon organized with the young baseball players.

 The kids were loving seeing Brandon right on the field and in action with them.

Ian Happ and the Chicago Cubs

Next stop was a trip out to Chicago, the Cubbies and the one and only Ian Happ. 

Bear and Ian showing off one of BRUCE BOLT's cleanest designs to date- the Signature Happ Series.

To say that the kids were into the Happ gloves, might be an understatement! :) 

Bear and Cannata have a couple more stops to make in this journey across the country and a few more hundred BGs to give out!

Thank you for being a part of this BRUCE BOLT family that values giving back and making an impact. It's because of you, we are able to make events like these happen! 

Keep on eye on our brand and social media for more trips and contributions to community. We are so excited to continue this journey to inspire and impact the youth in this incredible sport.

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  • Brian Carbis said:

    I play for Napa little league and was wondering if you ever come to California? I would like to attend one of your events

    Thank You

    August 19, 2022

  • Justin Hutcherson said:

    When and where will the visit in Tampa take place?

    July 15, 2022

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