Founder and CEO Bear Mayer and right hand man, Alex Cannata got a chance to sit down with Ian Happ, one of our integral pro team members and the inspiration and visionary behind one of Signature Happ Series.

We got the chance to sit down with Ian after the launch of his gloves in what was one our most successful day in company history.

We are so grateful to Ian but to our whole BRUCE BOLT family who made this type of success and continued improvement and evolution possible. 

Want to hear more from Ian?

Check out our first and really in depth interview with him, here.


  • Hayden Campbell said:


    July 15, 2022

  • Jake Howman said:

    I need a pair

    July 15, 2022

  • Nick christen said:

    My batting glove are getting small for freshman year and Bruce bolts are good I’ve heard

    July 15, 2022

  • levi audette said:

    i would like to win the batting gloves

    July 15, 2022

  • Lucas said:

    I love the happ gloves go cubs

    July 15, 2022

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