FAQs: Extend Product Protection Plan

What is covered under the BRUCE BOLT Protection Plans?

The BRUCE BOLT Protection Plans coverage includes Accidental Damage like drops, breaks, and spills. It also offers coverage for operational failures and breakdowns from normal use for the length of the plan. Please refer to the terms and conditions for a full list.

When does the protection plan become effective?

Accidental damage coverage takes effect at time of purchase. Normal wear and tear coverage takes effect after 30 days from purchase.

How do I file a claim?

Filing a claim on your BRUCE BOLT Protection Plan is fast and convenient. You can call 877-248-7707 or better yet file online using Extend’s virtual claims assistant – Kaley. Just go to customers.extend.com to chat with her.

What will I need to file a claim?

To file your claim, you will need the email address you used at the time of purchase or your contract ID. Your contract ID can be found on the email you received after your purchase detailing the protection plan coverages.

What happens when I file a claim?

Extend customer service or their virtual claims assistant Kaley will either approve or deny your claim using the information you provided. Extend will inform you if additional information is needed and will communicate further.

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