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So it seems I've become the official blogger of the company.  Being Bear's dad and a serial entrepreneur, I like the position because I have some context on how incredible this last year has been for Bear and BRUCE BOLT.

Case and point - in the last 3 weeks Bear and I have had 3 interviews about BRUCE BOLT.  Think about that for a second - a 17-year old has his own company and people are interested enough to want to interview him about it (not to mention that he has 5 MLB players wearing his product in games, on TV).  If you had told me that this would happen 12 months ago, I would have told you that you were crazy.  For context, I've started 6 companies and I think in the last 20 years I've only done 3 interviews in total.

In any event, Bear had his first TV interview with ABC affiliate KVUE's Emily Giangreco last Thursday.  Emily was an absolute pro and she and Bear talked for about 40 minutes.  You never know what is going to come out of a 17-year old's mouth, but I have to admit that when I saw the final edited piece, I was blown away by how well Bear did (remember this was his first-ever TV interview) and just how mature he seemed.  As a father, it was a very proud moment.

So without further ado,  here's the finished piece with the transcript/story below and then my favorite part is the unedited Facebook live video where you really get to see Bear's personality.   I'm very proud of Bear and I know he has big things to come!


Local teen starts batting glove company used by MLB players

In nine months, Bear Mayer has sold thousands of batting gloves.

AUSTIN, Texas — Bear Mayer needed gas money for his new truck. 

When he asked his father, Gard, he told him to either get a job or start a company.

That's when Bear decided to start making batting gloves.

"We manufacture the highest quality batting gloves," Bear said.

The Mayer family is close with Miami Marlins First Base Coach Trey Hillman, who helped introduce MLB players to Bruce Bolt Batting Gloves.

"Brett Phillips is actually marrying [Hillman's] daughter," Bear said. "Then, Terrance Gore saw them through Brett and he contacted us directly."

More MLB players have reached out, wanting a pair of Bruce Bolt gloves.

In nine months, thousands of pairs have been sold.

"Every time they play, Bear and I will go turn on the TV and watch them," Gard said. "It's just a really big thrill."

The company also gives back to a local nonprofit organization, RBI Austin.

"Going out and meeting those players and being able to give them gloves has been really something that's incredible for me to watch," Gard said. "It's just great that it's such a young age for Bear and a young age for the company that we're already being able to make some positive change."


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