BRUCE BOLT Premium Pro Wood Bat - 271 and 271Y Model

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BRUCE BOLT’s “271 and 271Y turns” are probably the most popular “turn” in baseball and is ideal for any type of player at any age.  This bat features a “manageable” barrel that tapers into a thin conical handle creating a very balanced and accurate feel through the Zone. The 271 and 271Y Models are matte black with a GOLD BOLT and Gold laser-etched engraving.  Like all of our bats, our 271 can be customized to feature your NAME and NUMBER.

BARREL: 271 Model-2.47”  271Y Model-2.25"

HANDLE: 271 Model-0.93”  271Y Model-0.93"


BRUCE BOLT’s Premium Pro Wood Bats are made from the highest quality Hard Maple trees in North America.  Each bat is handmade by (in our opinion) one of the most accomplished craftsmen in baseball and each bat proudly displays its inkblot test to prove the consistency and quality of the wood.  These are MLB quality bats which most companies reserve for ONLY their Pro Players.

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